Zoom Team Building

The purpose of this team building training is to train the interpersonal aspects of teaming for success. This interactive workshop engages participants in techniques used to become successful and how to develop into synergetic and highly effective teams. Our main focus is on energy, motivation, morale and integrity. Team building is about providing the skills, Read more about Zoom Team Building[…]

Zoom Patching Training

Patching Training Every Thursday @ 5:30PM (PST) Thursday’s Patching Training series is one of the best ways to fully understand the power of LifeWave Phototherapy technology and learn how to patch effectively. Mastering the technology and understanding how to:  – Trigger self-healing from within  – Take control of your own health  – Reduce pain within Read more about Zoom Patching Training[…]

Zoom links and conference call

StemCells X39 Introductory Presentation Every Tuesday @ 6:00PM (PST) Learn more about Light Energy medicine featuring the WORLD’S FIRST STEM CELL X39 patch –  US PATENT. Increased Cellular Energy; Deeper & More Restful Sleep; Rapid Reduction in Pain & Inflammation; Reorganize your DNA to a Younger state; Skin becomes more firm with increased collagen; Restorative Recovery Read more about Zoom links and conference call[…]