Patching Training
Every Thursday @ 5:30PM (PST)

Thursday’s Patching Training series is one of the best ways to fully understand the power of LifeWave Phototherapy technology and learn how to patch effectively. Mastering the technology and understanding how to:
  – Trigger self-healing from within
  – Take control of your own health
  – Reduce pain within seconds
  – Having a deep sleep to rejuvenate your body 
  – Improves strength and flexibility
  – Improves bioelectrical properties of organs
  – Support immune system
  – Reduce stress and relaxation in the body
  – Help reduce cravings, rebalance appetite.
Without using any Drugs, No Chemical and No Side Effects.

Rotating every Thursday between “Basic Patching Training” & “Advance Patching Training”, please check the calendar schedule for your preferred training topic. 

“Basic Patching Training” is best for anyone that new to LifeWave and wants to learn more about how to patch effectively and simple, easy understanding with the commonsense patching method. 

“Advance Patching Training” Everyone welcomes, the excellent way to advance your patching experience through our unique learning way with an actual case study.

5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST
Online meeting click link below